Workshops at Kolga Tbilisi Photo Meeting 2015

Lichtblick School is organizing a series of workshops in Tbilisi,
combining photography with the joy of traveling and exploring this great city in Georgia.

Workshop with Stefen Chow, Kolga Tbilisi Photo 2013

Workshops at Kolga Tbilisi Photo 2015

All workshops at Tbilisi History Museum Karvasla, Sioni Str. 8

May 1st and 2nd- daily 10 a.m -5 p.m.

Brian Griffin Portrait Workshop
Saul Robbins About Space

Introduction May 2nd, Workshop May 4th and 5th - daily 10 a.m -5 p.m.

Richard Bram & Chris Suspect Pictures From The Real World

May 4th and 5th - daily 10 a.m -5 p.m.

Øyvind Hjelmen Moments Reflected
Wolfgang Zurborn The Art of Making Photo Books

Kim Badawi Visualizing Euphoria
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Presentation of the workshop results, Kolga Tbilisi Photo 2013



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