Extending the form; Diptychs, Triptychs and Multi-Image Photography

Workshop with Kate Mellor

Kate Mellor
Kate Mellor
Throughout the history of photography the single image has remained the basic form withwhich to communicate. Yet many photographers increasingly find this use of the mediumlimiting and seek to extend the form by using two or more images together. Although thediptych and the triptych are historical forms in painting they are considered to beunconventional in photography and so they have often become a method chosen topromote radical ideas. Often, the multi-image work, although the individual photographsmay be kept separate, is intended to be viewed as one rather than providing a linearnarrative.This workshop sets out to explore general concepts involved in this photographic form andwill view the work of a few artists who use this structure as a vehicle to carry ideas.  Takinginspiration from these photographers the workshop aims to debate and discover moreabout this method of presenting images. A session taking and arranging photographs willpromote understanding of what a particular structure can express about an individual’sideas, values and intentions.

Kate Mellor, United Kingdom



Kate Mellor

Kate Mellor is a fine art photographer based in the beautiful and wild SouthPennines in Yorkshire. She studied photography at Manchester Polytechnic backin the day receiving a BA in photography and undertook an MA in photography atthe University of Wales, Newport. She recently completed a doctorate on thephotographic image of architecture and post-industrialization at Ulster Universitythat was funded by DEL, the resulting body of photographs termed Topographiesof the Image.She has worked as a lecturer for several UK universities, recently the MediaSchool of University of Bradford, and has led many workshops particularly inrelation to her practice. Her work has been exhibited internationally and she hascompleted fellowships and residencies in the UK and Europe. Her work is knownfor a critical perspective exploring theoretical issues and she is interested infinding different and alternative methods as a vehicle for concepts. She has alsospoken about her practice and delivered papers at several internationalconferences. Her best-known work is Island: The Sea Front which was publishedas a book by Dewi Lewis Publishing simply titled Island.

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