Photobook Masterclass Cologne 2014

Lichtblick School &

at The PhotoBookMuseum, Carlswerk Cologne

Carlswerk Cologne

August 25th - 30th 2014

The Photobook Masterclass is an innovative and unique workshop program by & Lichtblick School focusing on the conception, editing and production of photobooks.

The experts Markus Schaden, Wolfgang Zurborn, Thekla Ehling, Nina Poppe, Frederic Lezmi and Okay Karadaylar are an experienced, lively and harmonizing team, that knows how to have a motivating influence on the workshop participants.

The Idea

The photobook is the most original form of photographic expression. A collection of photographs becomes a personal concept of the world. The selection of the photographs, the dramaturgy of the series, the design and layout of the pages, the touch and feel of the cover and the paper and many other details have to point out the idea of a book to have a lasting effect on the viewer. Producing a book requires special diligence: An exhibition can be reorganized again and again, but a publication influences the perception of a photographic work for generations.

The Photobook Masterclass raises the participants‘ awareness for the varied questions, that have to be considered producing a photobook. The whole process from the image to the dummy and the finished book will be discussed intensely. The objective of the workshop is to highlight the special qualities of the photographs and the personal view by the combination of the photographs. Only a consequent image selection and an appropriate dramaturgy form the basis for a photobook that is above average.

Photobook Masterclass in Jakarta - Markus Schaden - Photobook Masterclass in Arles

The Workshop

The basis of the workshop is the joint sifting and evaluation of the image material: What do we have and how do we underline the special feature of the project? Therefore, we will invest lots of time in the elaboration of a good edit or rather a good choice and structuring of the image material. How do you create a strong thread of photographs that is the backbone of each photobook? What is the right flow? How does a layout look like that emphasizes the effect of the photographs?

The workshop also deals with the question how the images become books, that reach the public. In addition to basic questions concerning the book market, the workshop brings up different publication strategies: Do I need a publisher or are there other ways to publish my book such as Book on Demand or Crowdfunding? Markus Schaden is an expert of this unclear field and passes on his knowledge. Furthermore, the Photobook Masterclass introduces the participants to the history of photobooks, illuminates the highlights and delivers detailed insights into the world of editions. This input of varied strategies to make a book out of photographs inspires the participants to specify their own photobooks.

Photobook Masterclass in Ankara 2014, Photobook Masterclass in Arles 2013

The Production

A digital print station (A3+), a variety of papers and cardboards and a box full of materials for bookbinding e.g. linen, glue, staples, screws, cutting mats and bone folders are ready to be used by the participants for making a dummy. At the end of the workshop the results will be presented to the public in an event at PhotoBookMuseum in order to get a first feedback.

The Target Group

The workshop is planned for photographers and artists who have been working for some time on a photographic project that they would like to publish. The project should be finished or nearly finished. A sufficiently large and good selection of photographs is important. First
ideas and conceptions for the edit and layout would be a plus.

The Program:

10 am - guided tour through the PhotoBookMuseum by the curators Frederic Lezmi and Markus Schaden,
1-6 pm - Kick-off with review of all photobook projects of the participants

10 am - Developing the Photobook lecture by Markus Schaden
1-6 pm - Photobook Masterclass, working on the concepts of the book projects

10 am - Sequencing the Photobook lecture by Wolfgang Zurborn
1-6 pm - Photobook Masterclass, working on the edits of the book projects

Thursday, Friday
10 am-6 pm - Photobook Masterclass, working on the realization of the book dummies

10 am- 5 pm - Finishing the book dummies
6 pm - The Photobook Masterclass goes public: Exhibition, Screening, Party

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Exhibition of the book dummies realized during Photobook Masterclass Arles 2012

Information about the Workshop:

The Photobook Masterclass Cologne 2014

    * 6-days workshop, August 25th - August 30th, 2014, 10 am-noon and 1 pm-6 pm
    * Place of the workshop: The PhotoBookMuseum at Carlswerk, Schanzenstrasse, Cologne Mülheim
    * Participant max 12
    * English-speaking workshop
    * A first version of your dummy will be printed on our digital print station
    * Please bring a substantial portfolio or a dummy of your photographic work as well as highres data of your images
    * Participants are encourages to bring along texts, archive material or other finds related to their work and topic.
    * If possible, every participant brings along a laptop and print-outs of the photos (something between A5 and A4) and high-resolution image data. An installed version of Adobe Indesign and Photoshop would be an advantage.

Fee for the workshop: 990.- Euro

For booking the workshop please use the application form top right
or send an email to Lichtblick School

Application deadline: August 11th




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