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Workshop with Saul Robbins

Saul Robbins, from series: Initial Intake

The investigation of private rooms and public spaces lends itself to poignant commentary on the intersection between objective and personal experience and our expectations about many of the environments we encounter on a daily basis. Imagery can reference such associations as power, history, or culture, and / or resonate with more personal and psychological undertones.

This workshop assists students in investigating the visual power and potential of interior space, from documentary approaches to less tangible perceptions and metaphorical readings. Presentations, short assignments, and critiques will direct our attention towards myriad definitions and notions of physical and psychological space, allowing students to begin or expand upon a body of work within the context of a constructive, supportive, and enjoyable atmosphere.

Day 1:
This class will begin with a discussion about the meaning and importance of place with an emphasis on discussing students’ work and their approaches to this particular subject. Presentations and discussion of work by other artists will consider the subject from a variety of perspectives, from social documentary to the extremely personal project.

During the afternoon we will conduct a group exercise together, developing greater sensitivity while investigating and photographing the subject of public place; while an exercise to examine personal space will be assigned for the evening.

Day 2:
The second day will begin with the presentation and discussion of results from the afternoon exercise, followed by a presentation and discussion of the evening assignment.


Saul Robbins, USA



Saul Robbins by Emile Dubuisson

Saul Robbins is interested in the ways people interact with their surroundings, and the psychological dynamics of intimacy. His photographs are motivated by observations of human behavior and personal experience, especially those related to loss and unity. He is best known for the series Initial Intake, which examines the empty chairs of Manhattan-based psychotherapy professionals from their clients’ perspective, referencing viewers’ perceptions, associations, and responses to this particular environment and the work that takes place there. In 2012 Robbins created How Can I Help? – An Artful Dialogue, displaying photographs from the series Initial Intake within a pop-up psychotherapy office environment in Midtown Manhattan, inviting passersby to speak with other artists and himself about anything they wish for free and in complete confidence. He presented the same project during Photoville 2014 in Brooklyn, NY.

Saul Robbins is an Adjunct Professor of Photography at the International Center of Photography in New York City and consults privately about communication, professional development, and best business practices for artists and photographers. Since 2011 he has been leading workshops and consulting in Europe and South America, helping students to promote themselves and their work with greater confidence, clarity, and insight into these subjects

Exhibitions include The Bolinas Museum, Blue Sky Gallery, Deutsche Haus at NYU, Griffin Museum, Museum of Fine Arts – Houston, Photoville, and many others. Publications include Aufbau, Berlin Tagesspiegel, CPW Quarterly, D – La Repubblica, The Daily Mail, DART, Feature Shoot, FlavorWire, Love Issue, More, The New York Times, Real Simple, Slate, Wired, and others.

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